• Automattic pumps $4.6 M into New Vector to help grow Matrix, an open, decentralized comms ecosystem

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  • Why C# coders should shut up about Delphi

    EDIT: Some 3 years after this satire post was published, a website called “.NetRocks” decided to make a number out of it. The satire clearly went over their heads, and the facts I outline in the post was met with ridicule. I’m a bit disappointed with .NetRocks, because this could have been a great opportunity for them […]

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  • #1937 How this live events company pivoted in a time of COVID (and is having its best year yet)

    Andrew Warner 0: 04 Hey there, freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner. I’m the founder of mixergy, where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses and I’m kind of anal about the way I do my interviews. I schedule my day perfectly. I should have been done by now. But I refuse […]

  • 10 Top APIs for SEO

    Effectively marketing a website can be a challenging endeavor. That is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are available to offer websites greater presence. Search Engines use several avenues for populating online search engine results pages (SERP), and website developers want to make sure they follow the optimization standards for the best page rank results. […]

  • WSIRN Episode 232: Really good fiction is about EVERYTHING

    ANNE: Listeners, if you’re wondering why I don’t recommend the same books all the time it’s because I have a list that says, Anne, you gotta pull it back for at least another few months on these titles. [BOTH LAUGH] [CHEERFUL INTRO MUSIC] ANNE: Hey readers. I’m Anne Bogel, and this is What Should I […]

  • Side by Side Battery Technologies with Lithium‐Ion Based Batteries

    1 Introduction In May 12–16, 2019, a dozen senior battery and supercapacitor scientists and approximately 30 PhD students and post doctorate fellows from Israel and Germany gathered in Berlin, Germany, in the frame of the 4th German‐Israeli Battery School (GIBS4). The Berlin workshop was divided into two major sections; the first one consisted of invited […]

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