119 Side Hustles to Create New Income Streams

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We live in the age of the side hustle.

Most people are looking for freelancing gigs, learning how to build passive income, or additional ways to make money online. There have never been more opportunities to make money with a side hustle. Because of technology, it has also never been easier.

#1: Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online, and it isn’t going anywhere. Whether working for giants like Amazon or eBay, Wal-Mart or Target, or for individual companies looking for online partners, affiliate marketing can provide an incredible income.

Basically with affiliate marketing you get a link that tells a seller that someone arrived via your link. When that online visitor makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that sale. Amazon is the largest and best known affiliate marketing program in the world. It’s also a very good one to start with because of the low bar for entry, trust, and massive number of available products.

While most people use websites, you can even practice YouTube affiliate marketing or use certain social media platforms. You have plenty of online opportunities!

The one recommended paid courses that can save you years of trial & error and get you on the right path to making serious online affiliate income quickly: The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best side hustle ideas if you’re not only looking for some extra cash but also a way to develop a full time income over the long haul.

#2: Building Niche Sites

Building niche sites can be an incredible way to make income as a side hustle. Not only that, but this also potentially becomes a source of passive income, as well! Niche sites are often monetized through affiliate marketing and display ads. AdSense is a good starting point. But Ezoic and Mediavine are the ad partners that really ramp up the revenue numbers for display advertising.

On top of these, niche sites also have many other ways to make money. They can sometimes dive into drop shipping or selling direct advertising. Depending on the niche you may be able to sell services, online courses, or even book speaking and consulting times. The options really are quite remarkable!

The tactics for building websites, creating great content, and mastering SEO are covered very well in The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker. This speeds up the time between work and solid monthly paychecks.

If you build one up and decide it’s not really your thing, you can even sell your niche site to Motion Invest for a big one-time payment!

#3: Building an Authority Website

An authority website is like a niche site but much, much bigger. In this case you’re looking to create a large website that is one of the leaders in whatever niche you’re targeting. This is a side hustle that takes a lot of work early on but can pay off in a serious way down the road.

Early on monetizing an authority website will be similar to monetizing a niche site. However, as you continue to grow the traffic you get even more options. Developing your own ebook or online course is a great way to take advantage of that traffic. Build an email list. Write a book to position yourself as an expert.

There are even premium display ad and affiliate programs out there that may contact you once you hit a certain traffic number. This is one of those side hustles where the work is done upfront for big monthly paydays later. The Authority Site System is built around teaching people how to do this for long-term stability.

If you’re getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors per month, your options are truly incredible.

Learn How to Build Authority Sites Here

#4: Blogging

Blogging opens up a wide array of options for your side hustle. Blogging tends to be seen as more personal and personality based. Niche sites and authority sites are often topic based. When you start a blog for extra income keep in mind that you are making yourself, your name, or your website a brand. This could be building yourself into expert status for speaking gigs, or for offering direct services.

Affiliate marketing and display ads can also be a part of monetizing an active blog. In addition to this a good blog allows you to build a brand that lets you write a book, create your own paid courses, or even boost you in other ways. Collaborations are also a major part of the blogging world which can allow for partnerships and lucrative deals.

Blogging is a fantastic side hustle and blogs can be made on a variety of topics, styles, and there is a seemingly endless audience for more good blogs online.

Learn how to start a blog right here.

#5: Freelance Writing

freelance writer on laptop

Freelance blogging is a fantastic way to turn a love of words into extra cash in your pocket. There are an incredible number of websites out there to find writing work. ProBlogger job boards, Upwork, Craigslist, and iWriter are just a few of the many hundreds of job boards out there for writers, although about a dozen of them tend to dominate the top of the list.

In addition to this, many small businesses are always looking for bloggers or freelance content. The ability to contact companies, websites, or individuals and cold pitch also opens up plenty of avenues. In the beginning the biggest challenge is getting your foot in the door. Once you have built up a decent client list, made some connections, and learned how to effectively pitch yourself, you will see the opportunities really open up.

Freelance writing is a side hustle that is always in demand and also has a lot of versatility to it. You can just keep it as a way of making a little bit of extra money on the side or you can slowly turn this into a part-time job and even a full-time job.  Sometimes writers will start with the intention of this as a hobby like writing on Medium.com and then find it morphs into a solid income. Many people started freelance writing as a side gig and ended up making more per year than their full-time job.

This is a great option if you enjoy writing but like to write and forget it or have no interest in things like creating a website or learning SEO. If your writing skills are a bit rusty, give Kopywriting Course a try to bring you up to par.

#6: Graphic Design Service

You don’t have to be a Rembrandt to turn a bit of talent at art and design into a serious side hustle. There are many websites that need some serious graphic design work. If you have an eye for what looks good and even moderate talent at art and graphic design then there are plenty of opportunities for graphic design services as a side hustle.

This can be done as a true independent freelancer, through a freelancing website like Upwork, or you can sign up as a provider for 99Designs. If you can prove your mettle during design competitions, this can become quite a lucrative side hustle! This is a good way to make extra money all while helping small business grow their brand.

#7: Teaching English Online

Teaching English Online is a great way to make money as a side hustle. This remote work opportunity only requires a solid Internet connection and getting accepted by a website that specializes in this high-demand field. While having a teaching certificate, TESOL certificate, or English degree certainly helps, none of these are mandatory.

Most major sites like VIPKid and TeachAway prefer teaching experience, certification, or a college degree, but there are still online English teaching opportunities for individuals who don’t have these things.

Take a look, pass some relatively easy early coaching sessions to help get you comfortable with online teaching, and then you can find yourself earning anywhere from $12-$25 an hour on average!

#8: Driving (Lyft, Uber)

If you want to make money with your car, driving via Lyft and Uber makes a lot of sense.

Or you can try Uber Eats right here.

These ride sharing apps have filled the gap for cities with terrible taxi services and give individuals a chance to make their car a net profit instead of just a monthly expense. Lyft and Uber are the two big ones but there many more specialized ones out there, as well. Driving is a great way to make extra income in your spare time.

#9: Food or Grocery Delivery Service

side hustles driving

Love the idea of making money with your car but not with being a taxi? You get to minimize the customer service and maximize the tips when you use food or grocery delivery services. InstaCart is one of the big ones when it comes to grocery delivery. For picking up meals from restaurants Door Dash or MyTown2Go are other examples.

So is Uber Eats. There are plenty of ways to use your vehicle to get paid as a side hustle.

You can try Uber Eats right here.

#10: Creating Online Courses

Have a special skill? Do you have a talent for making complex topics easy to understand? Creating online courses is an excellent way to build a solid income as a side hustle by teaching what you already know. You can sell these courses on a website, or sites like Udemy, Skillshare, or Clickbank. A good online course can become a great source of long-term residual income, as well. Who doesn’t like their extra income passive?

#11: Losing Weight

This isn’t going to be a long-term side hustle. But if you’re getting healthier why not get paid for it? Both DietBet and HealthyWage are two major websites where you can join competitions to lose weight. You put up a certain amount of money either one time for a short-term competition or monthly for a long-term. If you lose the weight by the weigh-in date you get your money back plus the pot. There are people on HealthyWage who have “won” thousands of dollars this way.

Plus, the money can really motivate you to stick with it this time. Healthier and with more money in the pocket? It’s a very good way to get the most out of your weight loss journey.

#12: Being a TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is all about running the errands. Everyone has those things that need to get done during a week but just don’t have time for. TaskRabbit allows you to get paid for completing real-world errands for people willing to pay to have you take care of them. Sometimes this is online research or remote tasks but often times it’s a series of running errands.

#13: Postmates Delivery

Local delivery services are in high demand. Sometimes this is something really specific. After all there are plenty of food delivery services, and restaurant delivery service apps based around this. The smartphone app from Postmates allows workers to act as a delivery person both on pick-up and delivery. On good high-demand days a Postmates Delivery driver can make up to $25 an hour. Not bad for a side hustle!

#14: Vehicle Advertising

What could be easier? Wrap your car in advertisements for businesses willing to pay you a monthly fee and you’re a driving billboard. Websites like Wrapify specialize in connecting businesses with car owners. This is most commonly available in larger cities. Your car doesn’t need to be brand new, but it will generally need to be in good shape for this. Some vehicles make $400-500 a month through this.

#15: Renting Out Your Car

This can be one of the best side hustles if you have a second vehicle or you can rent out the down time to your main car. At work for a long 12-hour shift? Your car can be rented out to people who need to run errands or drive across town for a job interview. Or maybe you just plan on staying home for the weekend. Turo is one of the big players in the car rental side hustle.

#16: Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is high. Many businesses need a wide array of tasks done that are crucial but don’t directly make money. This makes it worth paying sometimes very good money for someone who sends e-mails, makes phone calls, make or confirm appointments, do research, or take care of a variety of other tasks. Being a virtual assistant means getting paid good money to run a virtual office for someone who needs that help.

#17: Teaching Online

man teaching online

Teaching online could be an ideal side hustle for many people. This can vary from creating your own course to teaching a live trainable skill to actually teaching high school or college courses remotely. The degree or experience needed will depend on what type of remote teaching you actually plan on doing. There are many opportunities available.

#18: Tutoring

Tutoring is a side hustle that is in very high demand. Many get started with this in college, however there are many people who need tutoring help that you can give in your spare time. Use your knowledge, expertise, or even an otherwise unused old degree. Tutors are needed for students of all ages, including adult students going to college. Whether done in-person or online, the demand for tutors is always going to exist making it a great evergreen side hustle.

#19: Proofreading

Even among those of us who are really good at writing, sometimes spelling and editing isn’t a strong point. Proofreaders are often able to charge $14-$30 an hour and their skills are in high demand. When all the details have to be right for a project or presentation, a good proofreader can be invaluable!

#20: Upwork & Fiverr

These are two of the largest freelance platforms online and both are excellent for creating one or more side hustles. You have people looking for various types of work, and as a provider you can offer your services on both. There are many stories of Fiverr success, as well as thousands upon thousands of freelance workers making a full-time living on Upwork. Take a look at what each site offers, how they work, and start that side hustle!

Read our Upwork vs. Fiverr review here.

#21: Kindle Publishing

Kindle Publishing has taken away the gatekeepers for traditional book publishing. That means you can publish your fiction and non-fiction books to a large market, promote them, and possibly even earn a really good side income off of your book sales, as well. It’s not hard to find a long list of Kindle success stories out there. If you love writing and have some killer ideas, now’s a good time as ever to jump on this train.

#22: Working on Mechanical Turk

You’re not going to make a fortune working on Mechanical Turk, but the tasks you perform here do add up over time. Amazon Mechanical Turk offers a wide array of “micro jobs” that often take one minute to a few minutes. Pay per task is fairly low but if you can concentrate and string together a bunch of work the pay is there and it is dependable. This is also one of those side hustles that is perfect to do in your spare time separate from the day job. Especially since you can put as much time, or as little, as you want.

#23: Customer Interviews

Many companies want detailed feedback on their products or services. Customer interviews are a great way of getting that information. Some of these are meet in person. Others are even remote work. Take a look at the Respondent app for more information on how you can make some money off these gigs.

#24: Domain Flipping

Although domain flipping isn’t nearly as common as it used to be, there is still a major market for a good domain name. With so many possibilities, you may come up with some great names that you are amazed haven’t already been claim. Buy those domains cheap while on sale for $2-10 each to build up a portfolio.

Put those domains up for auction with a minimum price you’re happy with. Look at reaching out to others looking for the right domain name. While selling a domain name for five or six figures is incredibly unusual now, there are still those people out there who are still buying domain names for $10 and selling them for $300. I’ve done this a couple times and that’s not a bad profit for a quick turnaround!

#25: Flipping Items for Profit on eBay

My parents were doing this with an antique store all the way back in 2007, and I was selling stuff coming out of college even earlier in the 2000s. This is still a viable method for making money online. Empty out the closet or storage unit. Take a look at local flea markets and garage sales for good deals, and sell on eBay for a profit. This can scale surprisingly quickly from a small side hustle to some serious yearly cash. Especially if you’re willing to put some time and work into it.

#26: Selling on Amazon

Without question Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. You can sell items from a business, sell things you make, or sell those thousands of books you never wanted to get rid of if you’re an English major spending too much on storage fees. Speaking from a bit of experience there.

Find things you can buy cheap and sell at a higher price. There’s a Professional Selling Plan and an Individual Selling Plan depending on what works best for your specific needs. Choose the Amazon selling plan that suits you, and start turning that junk into a cash-making side hustle!

Learn how to sell products on Amazon here. Or learn what to sell on Amazon.

#27: Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a practice that is possible because of the Internet. Basically this is where you look for products in real world stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar General, and others. You’re looking for products that are marked down, on sale, and ideally on clearance. You find items that are selling for low prices in person and still selling for high amounts online. Buy everything cheap in-person, put it up on eBay and Amazon and sell it for a high profit.

There are a lot of people who gross high six figures and net low to mid six figures with this type of work. There are entire channels on YouTube dedicated to this as a side hustle not to mention actual smartphone apps designed just to scan bar codes and bring up online prices. This can be an incredibly lucrative side hustle.

#28: Selling on Etsy

If you love making things with your hands, Etsy is the place you want to check out. They are the place to go for unique handmade goods, decorations, or other small bits of decoration or items. Etsy gets an incredibly amount of traffic from people looking to buy handicrafts. While not as well known for this, Etsy also now sells digital and print-on-demand items.

Learn how to sell on Etsy.

#29: Selling on Teespring

Teespring has exploded as one of the best t-shirt printing services online right now. Making money with t-shirts isn’t new, but Teespring does a great job of setting up a system that makes it easy to put down a design, getting it out there, and making the online sale.

It takes some time to really figure out the online t-shirt business but if you’re willing to dive into that learning curve this can be a fun (and profitable) endeavor!

#30: T-Shirt Printing Service

Pile of t shirts

This isn’t the drop-shipping model like CafePress and Teespring use but silk screened printing is a business that can be done in person as a side business at a retail spot while also giving you the ability to make shirts for online orders. Serve local schools, clubs, and organizations while creating a website with creative designs. This can be a really fun side hustle that eventually even becomes a full-time business, if you want it to be.

Learn how to start a t-shirt business here.

#31: Ghostwriting

Most biographies by celebrities and famous people are ghost written. Even many “self-published” or print on demand books from marketers, businessmen, and other individuals are ghost written, as well. The actual writer is a “ghostwriter” who gets paid good money. The demand is high and these projects tend to be decent paying because of the amount of writing that needs to be done at one point. If you are great at telling other people’s stories and don’t care about the credit, ghostwriting is an excellent way to make money with your writing skills.

#32: Notary Public Service

This is a simple and easy to learn service that pays extremely well for a very small amount of work. Yet there are surprisingly few Notary Publics available in many areas. Go through a small bit of training, get certified, and make sure Google knows you exist. You might be surprised at how much demand you get, and what you can charge, for only a minute or two of work at a time.

#33: Peer 2 Peer Lending

Peer 2 Peer lending is a great option side hustling if you have more money than time. In fact this might be the best side hustle for someone with some money to invest who wants to create an income stream but doesn’t have extra time. Go to P2P platforms like LendingClub and start funding pieces of loans. You help people and small businesses out while getting a good solid interest rate back on your loan. That’s a pretty good win-win right there.

#34: Airbnb Hosting or Co-Hosting

Airbnb can be an excellent strategy to not only rent out a property but also spare rooms. Whether you have a basement apartment, garage apartment, guest house, or just a spare room, Airbnb is built to help you earn good money. There are many Airbnb owners even in small rural towns who have made good money off of this. After all, large families need a place to stay during the holiday visits.

#35: Private Labeling

Do you know how to create special products? A beard oil? Special lotion? Protein bar? Whatever the item is, the ability to find a product that is selling like crazy, make your own version, and sell it can become a very profitable business. Stay in niches you know, but don’t overlook the potential of this side business!

How to Private label on Amazon.

#36: Baking

Who doesn’t love cookies or cupcakes? I have a friend who does this. She’s the most amazing baker I’ve ever known. The amount I pay per cupcake for an order on the holidays is, frankly, embarrassing. And the only reason I always get my order is because we’re close friends. She has a waiting list for baked goods and makes some really good cash off of this.

#37: Becoming an Adjunct Professor

Most of the time you need a graduate degree for this. However, many universities offer recreational or specialized classes. In those cases, having skills and experience can be enough. Teach dance or martial arts. Or gaming theory and poker (that was a fun class to teach). Writing white papers and basic wilderness survival skills are two more examples of actual classes I’ve seen offered.

Some schools are more open to this than others and you will need to talk to the proper department, but getting paid a few thousand to teach something you enjoy at the university level can be an ideal side hustle. Especially if you like getting paid per month. It’s not much money but it can lead to full time work over time if that’s something you’re interested in. Not to mention it looks pretty impressive teaching at a college level.

#38: Bookkeeping / Accounting / Tax Preparation Service

You don’t need a 4-year college degree to get hired during tax season. The demand for seasonal tax preparers is very high. In addition, there are many small businesses that see this skill as a major potential plus. H&R Block and many other tax preparation services offer training each year. Successfully passing the course means the ability to work as a tax preparer. During the busy season, there are a lot of hours available for this type of work and it can be one of the better side hustle ideas for seasonal workers who have their springs free.

#39: Earning Money with Credit Card Rewards

There is a limited life on this, but if your credit is great and you have some breathing room, you can still get some great reward cards. Also look for promotions. Some banks will offer you hundreds in cash to open a new account. Take the offer, keep the money in the account, and don’t use it. Same with the cards. Use them for expenses you have anyway, gather the points, and then immediately pay it off to not get any interest charges.

#40: E-Commerce

Set up an online business. Something in high demand that you can rank your website for, that you can produce, and then sell. There are many opportunities for making cash with a smart ecommerce strategy. Especially if you have something worth selling.

#41: Raw Land Flipping

Find some land that is cheap now but might be in demand for the right tenant or in the near future, buy it cheap, and sell it for a much higher price later. Raw land flipping takes some time to learn. There are a lot of “ins” and “outs” when it comes to successfully buying and selling raw land for a profit. This can be a remarkable side hustle for the right people.

#42: Book Flipping

This is one that is close to my heart as a long-time lover of antique books. There are literally tens of thousands of first edition books that are incredibly valuable. Find a weird, rare, or valuable first edition, buy it cheap, and sell it for what it’s worth. This is referred to as being a “book hound” and can be a very valuable side hustle. There’s a Bookscouter app that scans and old book and gives an estimate of what it’s work.

Don’t take this as gospel, but it shows how viable this can be that there’s even an app for it because of demand. Book flipping can be a very fun side hustle.

This can also be very profitable. I once bought an early Sinclair Lewis first edition (“The Innocents”) for $65 on eBay and sold it for $775 on Abebooks four months later.

Learn how to flip books here.

#43: Picking Up Trash

The number of businesses willing to pay good money to have you pick up garbage from the parking lot once a day so they don’t have to is stunning. Picking up trash is simple, easy, and it’s in high demand. The pay can be surprisingly good, too.

#44: Participate in Focus Groups

The best way to do this is in-person, if possible. Many companies want direct feedback and in-person focus groups are often still one of the best ways to get multiple opinions. Participating is usually only a few hours at a time and pay often ends up coming out to $50 an hour or more. Some even report making $100 an hour participating in focus groups.

#45: Donating Plasma

This probably brings back the college memories for a surprising number of readers. Donating plasma is a great way to not only do good, but get paid for it. Show up a few times a month, lay down with a book while they set up the medical equipment, and get paid cash at the end. $20-40 a pop isn’t much, but it adds up over a year!

#46: Sports Coaching

Baseball coaching

Generally speaking, you’re not going to make a fortunate coaching sports. However, you can be paid as a coach for local school sports teams. There are also many camps or clubs that can use good coaches to work with young athletes. Get paid while making a difference in young kids’ lives.

#47: Podcasting

How many podcasts do you shuffle through? Chances are quite a few of them. There are an amazing number of great podcasts out there on every subject imaginable. Build an audience, deep dive into a passion of yours, and chances are you’ll get enough followers to be able to charge some pretty solid advertising rates. This is definitely one that has to be a work of passion first!

#48: Rental Properties

If you can buy multiple properties and keep them looking nice, renting them out could be a fantastic side hustle for creating income. Not to mention the properties themselves should appreciate and become even more valuable over time. This isn’t just a good side hustle but also a great way to build residual income, as well.

#49: Residential or Commercial Cleaning Service

Cleaning services are always going to be in high demand. Whether it’s showing up weekly or monthly to clean up a home or stepping up to clean up offices, you have plenty of options available. The demand is going to be there for a reliable cleaning service. If you can prove yourself and work to build a client base this could be a great side hustle that even moves into a full-time business income if you want to go in that direction.

#50: Pool Cleaning Service

Pools are pretty great. Cleaning pools is a pain in the rear end. This is another one of those chores that most people are more than happy to pay someone to pass off. Take this chore off their hands, charge premium prices, and enjoy monetary benefit from other people owning a pool!

#51: Knife Sharpening

Kitchen knives, fishing knives, camping knives, pocket knives, there are a lot of knives out there. There are also surprisingly few people who know how to properly sharpen them. Sharper knives aren’t just better for cutting but they are safer, as well. This isn’t a hard skill to learn. Take some time, sharpen (hah!) your skills, and you might be surprised how large the demand for your services are.

#52: Sewing

Sewing is a great skill that can pay off in a variety of ways. Sew broken buttons or repair tears for other people. Create hand sewn creations like masks, dice bags for gamers, or even clothes. Sewing is both a very useful skill as well as a potentially lucrative side hustle.

#53: Child Care

If you love children and have a talent for handling the chaos that can come with them, then child care could be a great option for a side hustle. People need childcare, and parents want to make sure their kids have caring caretakers. Someone who loves kids, does a great job watching them, and meets the high energy needs of this job should take a look into local child care business options.

#54: Caregiving

Caregiving can take many different forms. This might be helping with some basic errands or household chores for disabled individuals or giving care to an elderly family member. If you really enjoy helping and interacting with people you can do some amazing good while also getting paid fairly on the side.

#55: Brand Ambassadorship

What is brand ambassadorship? Marketing is getting harder and harder for companies of all sizes. Many companies are looking for individuals willing to advertise, and go around promoting their goods or services on a more personal basis. This can be a weekend gig, part-time job, or even full-time commitment. You get paid for testing and promoting product in this side hustle. It definitely helps to have a strong social following or the proven ability to grow a virtual following.

#56: Car Flipping

If you know your way around a car, car flipping could be a natural side hustle. The used car market is huge. Look for local used cars that have a good blue book value but are being sold cheap. Check the engine, make basic repairs, top off the fluids, and do a thorough cleaning to make it look good.

In many rural areas you can buy a used car for $2,000 or even way less, fix it up cheap to make it better, and sell it for double what you originally bought it for. For talented car people this can be a great low pressure side hustle that makes you some serious money.

Learn how to flip cars here.

#57: Car Wash and Detailing

Plenty of people want their car looking its best but don’t have time to do more than a one-time rinse. If you are willing to give a car a deep wash and then follow it up with some in-depth detailing then you are going to be offering services that always have an audience. How much money you can make depends on how many clients you can line up. With these types of side hustles there are generally no shortage of potential customers!

#58: Carpet Cleaning

If you ask someone how long it’s been since they had an in-depth carpet cleaning, you’re going to get a lot of shy and awkward looks in other directions. A good carpet cleaning might be just a once or twice a year thing, but you can charge a pretty price for those appointments. Don’t just limit yourself to homeowners but offer your services to local apartment complexes, as well.

#59: Catering and Cooking

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Whether it’s home cooking, specialty dishes, or just creating a large company picnic setting, good cooks are in high demand. Especially if they can cook massive amounts of food at once. Whether starting your own catering event, getting involved with a part-time business, or picking up work for a local food service company, you can turn this skill into a side income no problem!

#60: Start a Food Truck

Speaking of turning your love of cooking into a profitable side hustle, why not take a look at starting a food truck? Whether as the main cook, one of several partners, or a silent owner, this can be a great way to earn some serious dough while enjoying cooking. Find some good spots, understand the best times to set up, and enjoy running your very own food truck.

#61: Computer Repair Service

Repairing computer circuit board

Are you tech-savvy? There’s always going to be a demand for that and whether you are good with hardware, software, or both, if you know how to pinpoint the problems a computer has and how to go about fixing them then you have a skill that people are willing to pay serious money for. Computer repair services come in many forms but it’s perfect for a side hustle. A high-demand skill that a limited amount of people know, and that people expect to pay large amounts for.

#62: Build Custom Computers

If you know how to build computers from scratch, then you may want to start sharing that information. Let’s face it: for most of us no computer out of the box is going to be perfect. With the large number of high earners in the tech field the money is there to pay serious cash for a custom computer. Think about high earners who enjoy gaming or produce YouTube content. They all have the money and the need for specialized high-quality machines. Build a good custom computer or two, ask for some referrals, and you may have a side hustle you love that makes some really serious cash, too.

#63: Computer Tutoring

Skills that seem obvious to you might be in high demand for others. Teaching seniors, computer beginners, or computer illiterate even basic computer skills can be a great way to side hustle. Offer monthly classes, one on one training, or even consider creating an online course teaching these skills that can be sold online to create even more extra income!

#64: Consulting / Coaching

There are consultants or coaches that can be found in pretty much any niche imaginable. If you have skills that someone wants to learn, or a lot of experience in any given area, then you should look at consulting or coaching opportunities. These can take many forms. Depending on your niche even a small client can mean big money. Or open major opportunities.

#65: Cover Letter and Resume Writing Services

Do you have a knack for writing cover letters or resumes? Do you know how to get people that elusive job interview? These are high-paying writing skills. Many talented workers don’t know how to write a good cover letter or resume. You help them get the job they deserve, and can make good money in the process. I never had problems charging $40-50 an hour for these services, and that was back in 2009.

#66: Craigslist Gigs

Always be careful with online listings like this. We’ve all heard the horror stories though those are the exceptions rather than the rule. Look for people who need manual labor help or a specialty service done for a set amount. Post your services and see who answers. You may also get a clue for a more permanent side hustle. For example, if ten people need their lawns mowed every week, maybe it’s time to start that lawn care business.

#67: Small Business Marketing Service

Does the family garage understand how a Facebook page works? Is a small town restaurant struggling to get customers despite amazing food because they’ve never heard of Instagram or Pinterest? Do local residents not even know they have an online newspaper? As a small business marketing service you can get paid teaching local small businesses how to market themselves so they can succeed.

#68: Outsourced Work from Home Customer Service

Many large companies don’t have cubicles stuffed with customer service reps. In fact, you might be surprised how many companies have all their customer service needs handled by freelancers at home who have a phone, a home office, and are willing to do minimal training and a minimum amount of hours each week. This can be a great way to pick up a side income from home.

#69: Dog Walking

Dogs love to go out on a walk. Especially high energy breeds. Not everyone has the time to do this. Whether through a dog walking app like Wag! or just offering your own services, there are plenty of opportunities to make money here. Not to mention spend a lot of time with cute dogs. For a lot of us that’s a serious win-win!

#70: Dropshipping

While this takes some money to work with upfront, a good dropshipping business can make some serious income. It isn’t unusual to be able to build this into a five or six figure a month income stream.

We’ve talked about dropshipping plenty with this Dropship Lifestyle review as well as this great podcast on two brothers dropshipping in the U.S.

#71: Estate Sale Service

Many times when a property owner passes away someone needs to handle the estate sale for the family. Specializing in this area is a great way to coordinate with local auction houses or sellers to turn unwanted possessions into cash that the heirs can more easily split. If you can help these difficult transitions run smoothly, you will often get a very good cut of what gets sold. All well providing an essential service to the community.

#72: Event DJ-ing

There’s just something about a live DJ. You must to be willing to spend on equipment. You also need to really know your stuff. But iTunes and Spotify can’t kill the popularity of a DJ. Especially during events. If you’re exceptional at reading a crowd and catering to them, this can be an amazing way to make money with your passion of music.

#73: Furniture Making

This can start out simple. Make yourself a wood shop and create a few basic books shelves. Shoe holders work, too. Move on to end tables, chairs, desks, gaming tables, and more complex designs as you continue to get better and better at your craft.

#74: Arts & Crafts for Flea Markets

While Etsy can be a great online outlet for your creative handiwork, don’t overlook local options! In many places flea markets, fairs, or farmer’s markets (which often have craft booths or tables) are very popular. You can spend time creating handmade crafts and then also sell them in person during local events.

#75: Transcription

There are many industries that require transcription services. Medical transcription, podcast transcription, and even legal transcription services are all in very high demand right now. There are specific tools that make this easier. Sites like Rev.com specialize in connecting freelance transcriptionists with companies or individuals who need this work done. There’s always a demand for more transcription work.

#76: Field Agent User

“Field Agent” is an increasingly popular smartphone app that pays users for completing small tasks that are needed in your specific neighborhood. Pay is usually from $2 to $8 an assignment but these tasks are usually pretty fast an easy. Take a picture of the inside of a store, take a picture of the outside of Home Depot, small fast tasks that take little time and effort but are needed for some reason.

#77: Handyman Service

There’s always use for someone who is good with his or her hands. Know how to fix loose door knobs? Understand how to repair toilets? There are many different types of services that are needed that don’t require a contractor – but do require someone with the skills and tools to know what they’re doing.

#78: Mobile Mechanic

While opening a garage takes a lot of money, training, licensing, and workers, if you have mad mechanic skills why not do that directly? In most rural areas I’ve lived in everyone knows “that guy” the one who can fix anything for $100 plus parts, and will even come out to your place to do it. If you bring your mechanic skills to the vehicle that won’t start in the driveway, you will likely find a high demand regardless of where you live. The need is always there.

#79: Interior Decorating

With an eye for design, interior decorating could be a fun part-time business. Pick better colors, create a better layout, and start building that reputation for top notch decorating. There’s plenty of money for a designer who can make a room shine!

#80: Ironing / Mobile Laundry Service

clothes iron in hand

Laundry is one of those chores that always seems to get put off. Especially if you have iron. I’m among the large number of people who don’t even know how to iron anymore. Those that do can make good money. Ironing might not be a side hustle idea that jumps into your head right away, but it’s a good way to make some extra cash while helping others out. Pop in your favorite movies or podcasts while ironing for clients to make a good bit of money on the side from low pressure work.

#81: Hauling Junk

We’ve all had that situation where we needed to throw something away, but it’s way too big for conventional pick up. If you have a large truck, a big conversion van, or trailer, this can be a great way to make your vehicles pay for themselves. When large junk needs to be hauled, people will pay premium prices to get it done.

#82: Selling Stock Photography

There are literally hundreds of stock photography websites online. Most of them need freelancers to fill their sites up with in-demand photos. Shutterstock is one of the largest known stock photo sites. Adobe also has an affiliate program for stock photography that is very well known. Get money for all those photos you were going to snap anyway!

#83: Movie / TV Extra

Admittedly this works best if you live in either New York City or L.A. but there are other states that have been working to get more TV shows and movies shot in their state. A large chunk of being an extra is standing around for hours on end until it’s your turn to stay in the background. However, the need for extras is huge and this can pay surprisingly well.

#84: Moving Services

Raise your hand if you enjoy the hassle of packing up to move. Notice how no one in the world raised their hands. That’s what you call opportunity for making money. The work tends to be either hard, tedious, or both, but it’s not difficult. Offering people who need to move a helping hand is a a really good way to make some side cash.

#85: Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers are real. There are many companies who pay to get real feedback from individuals going to a store or calling customer service. The number of opportunities will depend on where you live, your gender, and your schedule, but mystery shopping can be a great side hustle.

#86: Rent Out Used Baby Gear

This kind of surprised me as I assumed people just sold their unused baby gear after the kids grew up. But if you don’t know how many more you’re going to have, this makes sense. In between kids rent out the baby gear you have on hand before you need it back for the next bundle of joy, and help out a new family in the process!

#87: Personal Chef Service

Most people think of fancy uniforms and years of culinary training. But there are plenty of other situations where people are willing to pay for their own personal chef. Maybe there’s someone in your neighborhood who just wants to eat Indian food three times a week. Or maybe Cajun. There are also those trying to stay healthy but who hate cooking healthy meals. Stopping by a few times a week to make and prepare this food can be a nice little side hustle.

#88: Personal Training

Are you in shape? Know your way around the gym? Understand joint-friendly exercises that can be done at home? The demand for personal training comes at all levels. Offer your services to help others get into shape.

#89: Pet Grooming

People love their pets, but going through the hassle of grooming is often another thing entirely. Offer pet grooming services and you will have no shortage of cat and dog owners happy to pay for the help.

#90: Pet Sitting

Whether it’s keeping a high-energy pet company so it doesn’t rip up the furniture or knowing they have a safe place to stay during vacation, pet sitting can be a very lucrative side hustle. If you absolutely love animals this will make a lot of sense for you.

#91: Pet Waste Removal

Another one of those jobs nobody really wants. Which means you can charge premium pricing to clean up backyards, side yards, or wherever else needs a good run through of waste removal services.

#92: Photography Services

Photographers might be a dime a dozen but good photographers are hard to find. Look at whether you want to be general or niche (weddings, outdoor, graduation) and then take extra pictures while out and about to sell on stock photography sites.

#93: App Development

The demand for apps hasn’t abated since the late 2000’s. Whether needed internally for company use or as a general phone app that rockets in popularity, there are many options for app developers out there. Pick this up as a skill and watch the side income opportunities open.

#94: Create Your Own Video Game

With open marketplaces like Steam and an enormous amount of support for private game developers on Patreon, there are fewer obstacles than ever to making an outstanding video game. Put one together yourself or with a small team, market it, and if it’s good enough chances are this can be extremely profitable.

#95: Rec Sports Officiating

There are times when this can certainly be a thankless job, but the need is always there. Whether for high school games, or local softball leagues. If you enjoy being around the game this won’t make you a fortunate but it’s a good way to keep being a part of the game you love while getting a little bit extra on the side.

#96: Teach Life Skills

Not everyone grows up with guidance about the “little things.” How to tie a tie, change a tire, cook good home cooked meals – these are just some of the many skills people are just supposed to “pick up” along the way. Offering to teach these, especially in high school and college towns, can be an excellent way to make a difference while making some money on the side.

#97: Software Seller

No matter how many apps or how much software has been created, there always remains a need for specialty software. If you have programming software you can make it yourself. If not, but you can see clear places where a simple bit of software could be game-changing then hire a programmer to take care of the technical side of things. Then sell that software!

#98: Teaching Music

Do you know how to play an instrument? Give lessons! Whether guitar, piano, harmonica, there are many amazing instruments out there. If you have a knack for teaching, as well, then teaching music is a smart way to create a side hustle where you can thrive.

#99: Music Licensing

Stock music can be a surprisingly lucrative area for creators. A catchy little tune is going to in demand from everyone from YouTubers to Podcasters to even large companies and marketing agencies creating commercials. You can sell these outright for clients or earn royalties through stock music. Put those composing muscles to work for you!

#100: Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor on mat

Yoga has long gone past the point of being a fad. While you may have to check local ordinances if you’re opening up a studio, there’s plenty of demand for private or personal yoga instruction. This helps keep you in shape with those healthy habits while getting paid for passing them along!

#101: Local Tour Guide

If you live in a tourist hotspot, chances are you can make some good money serving as a local tour guide. Even if you don’t, find something interesting locally. Maybe it’s turn of the 20th century buildings, pioneer cemeteries on gravel roads, or local haunted legends. Even in out of the way places this can lead to opportunities to lead special groups, gatherings, random travelers, or maybe even school groups on a tour of the area. There’s always something to see!

#102: People Walker

Sometimes you need accountability to take a walk. Or maybe you just want some social company. There have been plenty of times where I just want someone interesting to chat with while walking through a new park. Some people have advertised as “people walkers” and the response has been solid. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, enjoy walking a few miles, and enjoy chatting with new people. It’s not a side hustle that will get you riche ($8 mile/hour seems to be a going rate) but it’s a cool way to stay fit and meet new people.

#103: Translation / Interpretation Service

If you need a document or recording translated into a language you don’t know, then you need a translator. Simple as that. There’s always plenty of work for common languages like Spanish, French, and German but don’t underestimate the need for language translation for languages like Hindi, Mandarin, or Tagalog. Chances are there’s someone, somewhere, who can use your services.

#104: Travel Agent Services

You would be amazed how many people don’t know how to use online websites to find discounts. Most people don’t bother to contact hotels/resorts directly to see if you can get a discount. As someone who has traveled an incredible amount throughout life, most of the time you can get a better deal just from asking. If you have a knack for cheap travel, know how to compare travel websites, and can get a good deal then you charge for your services. They are still saving money and you get paid for helping people save on their vacation budget.

#105: Vending Machines

Vending machines can be a great source of extra income that doesn’t eat up your spare time. You’ll be responsible for finding a good profitable spot and stocking/maintaining the machines. However, with a good spot this could earn you some serious weekly income. You can scale up for even more passive income as you find more good sites to put new machines down.

#106: Voiceover Acting

You might not be on the path to a Hollywood voiceover career, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn good side income doing voiceover acting. Voice work of all type is needed by companies for commercials, video game developers of all sizes, and more. This does take more skill than you might initially think, but experience and practice will get you into this unique and potentially high paying niche.

#107: Web Design Service

If you have a talent building websites, why not offer your services to small businesses? Not only can you make a website for new businesses but you can contact companies or businesses with very basic or bad looking template site and offer your services for a replacement.

#108: SEO/Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are online services that most businesses know they need – but have no idea where to even begin. If you can prove that you know how to get results, this can become a very lucrative side business.

#109: Offer Window Cleaning Services

If you are great at minding the details it just takes a good squeegee, bucket, ladder, and cleaner to have your own window cleaning service. You’ll need to mind the details for the pickiest of perfectionists. But this is an inexpensive side hustle that can deliver top-notch returns.

#110: Do Yard Work

There’s always a demand here. Whether it’s mowing lawns (or ditches), helping plant bushes, or tend to some more intensive maintenance around rural properties, the demand for yard work is pretty steady during those summer months. Take care of raking leaves to expand your side hustle into the fall. This is a simple way to get side hustling and start earning for simple work.

#111: Storage Unit Auctions

There’s an entire show built around this. Look for promising units, get them at a decent auction price, and sell your new possessions for a profit. This can be a bit of a gamble but the potential upside is truly amazing.

Learn about storage unit auctions here.

#112: Local Equipment Rental Business

What type of equipment should you rent? Depends what you have to offer and what’s going to be in demand. There is a wide array of equipment that can be in demand at any given time. If someone needs a special bit of gear and you own it, that’s a good time to start discussing rental fees.

#113: Manage Social Media for Small Businesses

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can all be powerful tools for a small business to make their mark. However, very few business owners understand how social media works. You can offer to manage social media for a set rate and help out small businesses just from helping manage their social media.

#114: Intentional Part-Time Job

A part-time job could arguably be a side hustle in and of itself. Why just settle for a throwaway job? Look at being intentional with a part-time job that teaches you new skills, helps make connections, or learn how the ins and outs of a business you want to get into. If you’re intentional with the part-time job, this prepares you to open up for even more opportunities in the future!

#115: Garage Sales

Sell your extra stuff at garage sales. This can be a consistent money maker if you are really good at getting great deals at estate auctions, flea markets, or other garage sales. Pro Tip: see if you can scoop up entire tables for cheap at the end of a day. Sometimes just to open up space you can get a lot for a very low price. Then sell it at your own garage sale…or series of them.

#116: House Sitting

Watching over a house and keeping things tidy while others are on vacation can be a profitable low stress side gig. Get paid to bring in the mail, do some dusting, and just keep things in working order. That’s a pretty good deal.

#117: Online Mock Juror

Believe it or not, there are many cases where lawyers want to prepare for an upcoming case. In this situation you get paid to be an online mock juror. You see the arguments, the counterarguments, and give feedback to attorneys on what worked versus what didn’t. You get paid way better in general than for regular jury duty. All while serving from the comfort of home.

#118: Farmer’s Markets

If you have a green thumb not only can you can fresh veggies to save money but you can take your extra to a local farmer’s market to sell. There are plenty of buyers who love fresh veggies, eggs, flowers, handicrafts, you name it there are people who will be happy to see what you’re offering.

#119: Make Personalized Neon Signs

This is a neat side hustle that a friend of mine got into a few years ago. I never thought of it but when you go to bars, clubs, other businesses, where do you think the neon wall signs come from? Turns out a lot of people make these independently as a side hustle. It’s relatively easy to learn, can be started with only a couple thousand dollars, and is unique enough you can charge premium prices. Not to mention it’s a fun unique side gig.

What to Expect from a Side Hustle

Depending on the type of side hustle (or multiple side hustles) you use to make more money, there are multiple routes you may end up going. For some people a side hustle is just that. A secondary way to make some extra money. Maybe save up for a vacation, retirement, or just get a little bit extra in the bank.

Many side hustles are designed to provide extra money in this way and not necessarily become a full-time income. On the other hand, some side hustles can very quickly grow into a larger business that even replaces a full-time job. This can depend on a lot of things including the goals, location, work ethic, and how well you see those opportunities when they arise.

Whether you want it to stay a side income, become something larger, or maybe end up somewhere in between, you have plenty of options and opportunities when it comes to figuring out how a side hustle can improve your bottom line.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are an amazing array of opportunities out there when it comes to side hustles. Whether you’re looking for just a few extra bucks in your pocket, or creating an entirely new stream of income, there are options that will fit your skills, interests, or needs. Grabbing a side hustle is one of the best ways to create long-term financial security. This list will definitely give you plenty of options to see what is possible on your side hustle journey.

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