4 Ideas For Creating Awesome Blog Names

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Your blog’s name can have a tremendous impact that’s seen in the entire lifetime of your online business. A blog name needs to be memorable so that people can find it once they leave your page. It has to be unique so that it’s easy to differentiate from your competitors.

Your blog name may also send SEO signals that contribute to how well you rank. Also, it can tell people who you are and what you offer when visitors haven’t even clicked on the domain link.

The impact of your blog name is virtually endless. It will show up on social media, in ads, and even your brand personality will take shape from the name you choose.

With so many things to consider, it’s quite clear that you need to put considerable thought into picking a blog name. It’s not as easy as picking something you like, you also need to be strategic about it.

In this post, we’re going to explore several ideas that can inspire you to select the right blog name for your business. We’ll look at ways you can build a blog name based on your solution or audience. And we’ll explore tools that can make the process easier. Let’s get started!

Feature the solution in the name

There are several options for naming your business. Right now, let’s consider building a blog name based on your product or service.

Here’s an example: a cake decorating business changed its name from Paul Bradford Designer Cakes to CakeFlix. You can already see the advantages that a name choice like this can create.

People have a good idea about what the business does from the word ‘Cake’ in the name. ‘Flix’ also conveys that it’s a video-based business that’s an online course or a set of tutorials and videos.

Here’s another example: The Blog Millionaire – a blog name that’s attractive because of the word millionaire, while conveying that it has to do with blogging and earning money.

Featuring your product or solution in the name acts an instant message to your audience. It tells them what you’re all about and can lead to better click-through rates, an important consideration for any business.

Create a unique and unrelated name

Another way to go is to create a blog name that sounds unique and may not have any relationship to your content theme. Here’s an example, a site for web development and design called Smashing Magazine. From the name, you would guess that it’s a general publication covering popular topics related to news and lifestyle. However, the content is all about designing websites. It still does well enough that it appears on the second page when searching for ‘WordPress blog’ on Google.

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The downside of choosing names like this is that you have to harder for effective keyword and content marketing strategies. And doing this with a more relevant name is already hard enough. Nevertheless, with great content comes great recognition at its heels. Think about ‘The Onion’ and its enormous success even though the name seems to be virtually random.

Note that the choice of the name here, however, is well-chosen and a subtle hint at satire. There’s enough wordplay taking place to hint at interesting content which is then backed up with well-written humorous and satirical content.

Use your name

Making your blog name after your actual name is a great approach if you want to build a personal brand. It also makes sense if you have a recognizable name in your niche or industry. Very often, business leaders create a blog named after themselves as an authentic source of thought leadership content. Here’s an example by the creator of WPBeginner, Syed Balkhi.

If you’re still building your personal brand, then it’s important to be active in networking events and to create fresh and thought-provoking content on a regular basis. Another strategy to help you grow your blog is to guest post on other publications.

Use tools to help create a blog name

Choosing a blog name is never as simple as picking something you like. You need to make sure that the domain name for it is available. Many short domain names are likely taken and if you want to acquire it, it can be unfeasibly expensive. Using online tools will help you quickly learn whether a domain name is available to you. You can also come up with interesting names based on your parameters.

Here are some awesome tools to help you create and pick your blog’s name.

Name combiner tools: Another approach to making blog names is to combine different but relevant words. We already saw an example earlier, that of CakeFlix. The name ‘WordPress’ and ‘FitBit’ are also examples of names that are combinations of words. Use an online name combining tool for free to help you come up with all possible word combinations. You’re certain to find something great that works for you.

Name generator tools: An easy option is to simply find a blog name generator tool. You won’t just get great blog names, you’ll also learn whether a domain name is available. Some name generators are useful since they have options for hosting and domain plans. If you’re new to blogging or have a smaller budget, it’s a good idea to use these opportunities to set up your blog for a lower price.

Choose the right name blog name

The impact of your chosen blog name runs throughout the lifetime of your blogging business. It’s not a choice to be made lightly when your content marketing, advertising, and other activities will grow based on the blog’s name.

In this post, we’ve looked at some neat examples of great blog names. We’ve also checked out two useful tools that will help you get a great name and maybe even set up your blog for a great deal.

You have helpful ideas to choose your own blog name, so, go ahead and get started on your blogging business.

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