Best web hosting services in 2020 for small company: Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and more

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There are thousands of webhosting companies. Some hosting companies run their own information centers. Others rent virtual machines from cloud service providers. All offer some method for their clients to appear online. Choosing the best hosting company for you can prove to be quite the difficulty. While you no longer requirement to be a programmer or an IT professional to properly set up a web existence, you do require to understand marketing and style and understand how to get your message throughout.

We’ve highlighted four classes of webhosting suppliers, ranging from companies that offer you a fast and easy method to construct your website, all the method approximately the big companies that provide complete datacenter facilities capabilities as a service.

And with that, let’s begin with the hosting strategies numerous entry-level folks will be most comfy with, the website builders.

Disclosure: ZDNet might earn an affiliate commission from a few of the products included on this page. ZDNet and the author were not made up for this independent review.

The point-and-click site home builders

A website contractor is a piece of software application that lets you craft your service site, generally without shows. Numerous enable you to pick from design templates and after that customize those templates to fit your appearance and design.

Nearly all hosting suppliers consist of some sort of site structure software application, however it’s often an afterthought included to just inspect off a box on evaluation types.

You do sacrifice some control when choosing a website contractor option, but if you have actually never ever done any web advancement and you desire a stunning, usable website by tonight, these services are for you.


Website contractor and host by the folks with those exceptionally frustrating commercials.


If you have actually ever viewed a YouTube video, you’ve sees a Wix ad. They are all over. For all that marketing, their market share is still under 2.5% of CMS users. That said, with 4.4 million subscribers, they’ve got some momentum– and are definitely capable of grabbing attention.

So why would you opt for Wix over WordPress? The answer is easy: simpleness. WordPress provides significant depth. Wix gets you up and running with a beautiful site rapidly. There is nothing like the countless plugins and styles used by WordPress in the Wix world, however if you want a great website and you’re willing to pay from about $13 each month to $39 monthly, you’ll begin quite nicely. Greater cost plans are available for e-commerce and business use.

Be careful: Like lots of website hosting service providers, you’re needed to pay for a full year simultaneously, and the second year may cost more when it comes time to restore.

  • cPanel: No
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: No
  • Backups: Website history, but no export
  • Money-back guarantee: 14- day
  • Support: 24/ 7 English call-back

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Another website contractor with gorgeous design templates.



In the general pantheon of Web hosts with their own site home builders, Squarespace is squarely in Wix area, with slightly more than 2.7%.

Pricing varies from $16 per month to $46 per month, however if you pay for a full year, you can save about 30%.

  • cPanel: No
  • SSL: Yes
  • SSH: No
  • Backups: Limited export
  • Money-back assurance: Not noticeable on website
  • Support: 24/ 7 e-mail, some chat

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Another website home builder, with much better mobile support.



Weebly is another site contractor hosting supplier that completes squarely against Wix. Market share is much smaller sized, right around half a percent. Pricing is less than Wix and there’s a totally free alternative, as long as you do not mind ads that you can’t generate income from plastered throughout your website.

Like, Squarespace, and Wix, Weebly has a library of templates, however it’s not as rich as those from Squarespace and Weebly (WordPress is in a whole other galaxy). Weebly puts a few more constraints on design, however those limitations indicate that all the templates will always be responsive and look good on smart devices as well as desktops. Weebly likewise enables a much richer menu structure than Wix.

If you want a simple site that works well on desktop as well as mobile, if you’re good with paying under $30 monthly for the richest plan, and you do not mind more minimal design templates, Weebly is a legitimate choice. Oh, and surprisingly enough, they’re owned by Square, the credit card scanning company.

  • cPanel: No
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: No
  • Backups: Partial
  • Money-back warranty: 30 day
  • Assistance: 24/ 7/365 phone

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The WordPress ecosystem


We may as well get WordPress out of the way because if we’re talking web hosting, we’re going to talk WordPress.

The WordPress environment is huge.

In this list, we’re going to discuss, one managed hosting company, and one lower-cost service supplier who enhances for WordPress offerings.

Hosting for WordPress offered by its developer.



Here’s where things get puzzling. is a hosting supplier for WordPress sites. It’s run by Automattic, the company behind the WordPress software. provides services varying from free sites with restrictions, all the method as much as significant VIP sites like those of CNN and The New York Times. If you wish to run WordPress, but you do not want to install it, one location to go is

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I find a little too limiting. The lower-end plans restrict the plugins and themes you can utilize, which indicates custom-made services like those I prefer are not readily available. Thankfully, there is a huge market of competitive WordPress hosting service providers, and we’ll discuss a couple of more in this post.

  • cPanel: No
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: Some strategies
  • Backups: Some plans
  • Money-back assurance: 30 day
  • Support: Some plans email, some plans 24/ 7 chat

View Now at Automattic.


Managed WordPress hosting.



I run three of my more high-profile websites on Pagely and have actually done so for the previous 5 years.

When I signed up, they were accepting clients with smaller managed hosting needs.

  • cPanel: No, they have a customized Atom panel
  • SSL: Yes
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backups: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 day
  • Assistance: 24/ 7 ticket and chat

View Now at Pagely.


Hosting with a focus on WordPress.



Bluehost fits into the category we call “standard-fare” hosting service providers, because it provides a vast array of services, varying from basic shared hosting as much as virtual personal servers and dedicated makers. We’re putting them into the WordPress environment classification due to the fact that Bluehost has a strong focus on WordPress in its offerings.

We particularly like how they’ve segmented their WordPress offerings, ranging from standard shared hosting offerings up to their higher-performance professional plan, and then on to a WooCommerce-based shopping cart option. All options include some level of backup, an Office 365 mailbox, and malware detection and removal. We also like the staging environment that Bluehost uses, permitting you to test your site and modifications prior to deploying them openly.

  • cPanel: Yes
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: Some plans
  • Backups: Basic, plus more on select plans
  • Money-back assurance: Normally 30, however 60 in April
  • Support: 24/ 7 chat, phone, email

View Now at Bluehost.

Standard-fare hosting service providers

As mentioned previously, there are literally thousands of web hosting suppliers out there.

Be careful: Nearly all vendors in this category entice clients with a very low entry-level fee.

We are always mindful about these sorts of plans because moving off of them can be lengthy, costly, and hard.


Strong support, good pricing.



Hostinger is a standard web hosting company.

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When I did thorough screening of Hostinger last year, I found they had actually correctly updated most of the security parts of their servers, at least to within a few months.

  • cPanel: Yes
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: Some plans
  • Backups: Some plans
  • Money-back warranty: 30 day
  • Assistance: 24/ 7/365 chat

View Now at Hostinger.

InMotion Hosting.

Solid 90- day warranty and responsive support.



InMotion is another in a large pantheon of standard-fare hosting suppliers. They have the typical choice of offerings, from shared website hosting to virtual private servers, up to committed servers and even company and reseller accounts.

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Rates is reasonable. I can’t inform you the precise cost, since their promos change their rates constantly. If you come in through the affiliate link listed below, you’re likely to conserve a couple of bucks. One of their support people also informed me that if you connect via support and ask for a deal, they’re likely to take a few more dollars off their base price. Like a lot of standard hosting service providers, the cost jumps in subsequent years, but unlike many, the cost dive for InMotion wasn’t nearly as shocking as some others I’ve taken a look at.

  • cPanel: Yes
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backups: Limited
  • Money-back guarantee:
  • Support: 24/ 7 chat and Skype

View Now at InMotion Hosting.


Hosting with an eye to going green.



DreamHost is a full-featured hosting company that has made a continuous effort to decrease its ecological footprint. With LEED Platinum and EnergyStar-certified facilities, high-efficiency cooling, collaborations in clean wind programs, and a push to power their information centers from renewable energy, DreamHost is seeking to the future.

As far as hosting offerings themselves, DreamHost has WordPress hosting, shared hosting, virtual personal servers, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. We particularly like the truth that DreamHost has included G Suite combination into their offerings, with domain combination and Google Cloud support. The company also supplies a terrific set of resources and guides that can help customers grow their business.

  • cPanel: No, exclusive panel
  • SSL: Free
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backups: Yes
  • Money-back warranty: 97 day
  • Assistance: 24/ 7 chat, ticket, and call-back

View Now at DreamHost.


The daddy of all hosting suppliers.



I talked about GoDaddy last month when I surveyed email hosting suppliers, and here they are once again.

Although most of my decade-plus experience with GoDaddy has been with domain registration, I have actually come to appreciate how the business supplies the key services most clients desire.

View Now at GoDaddy.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service suppliers

We’ll end our list of hosting suppliers with the IaaS providers. These include names you probably understand totally: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The five business we’re including in our list are extremely reputable vendors who have actually been offering infrastructure for several years.

If you’re just beginning, you might not wish to go all-in with an IaaS provider, although they do use the most flexibility. Some, like Amazon with Lightsail and Digital Ocean with Droplets, allow you to point-and-click configure virtual WordPress machines or nearly any other open-source material management system you may want.

One fast note: Due to the fact that the IaaS providers use such configurable options, we haven’t summarized cPanel, SSL, SSH, backups, and so on. For the most part, you’ll require to set that up yourself as part of your overall configuration.


Co-contributor to the OpenStack job.



Rackspace began operations more than 20 years ago as a business that leased out infrastructure.

Today, Rackspace is a primarily cloud-centric IaaS service provider.

View Now at RackSpace.

AWS (Amazon Web Solutions).

The canonical on-demand cloud computing platform.



AWS is the 800- pound gorilla in the cloud computing universe.

What makes AWS really unique is how the business has actually sliced and diced nearly every kind of cloud-based resource, ranging from storage to mail sending out to specific, AI-based workloads, and then can offer them to IT operations in extremely incremental workload-based levels.

I utilize Amazon’s S3 to backup some of my files.

View Now at Amazon Web Services.

Digital Ocean.

Virtual servers and more.


Digital Ocean

I like to think about Digital Ocean as “AWS for the rest of us.” Digital Ocean provides cloud-based infrastructure like AWS but uses a much smaller set of services. These include scalable calculate services (i.e., virtual machines), handled Kubernetes clusters, cloud databases, and easy item storage.

I use a Digital Ocean bead to host a cloud-Linux server that runs 10 of my archived websites, in addition to some other incremental work. New droplets are extremely easy to set up and release, and simply as simple to close down. I typically spin up a Digital Ocean droplet for screening, paying simple pennies for a couple of days utilize, and after that shut it pull back when I’m made with my testing.

While AWS has undeniable depth and breadth, it is a bit more complex to use. The actual infrastructure you purchase expenses about the same as equivalent AWS services, but Digital Ocean is more simple and straightforward.

View Now at Digital Ocean.

Google Cloud.

Use Google’s facilities to handle your cloud.



Beyond Google’s software-as-a-service offerings (specifically G Suite), Google Cloud offers IaaS abilities for those thinking about managing their facilities utilizing Google’s cloud and cloud innovation. When you understand that Google Cloud utilizes the same infrastructure as Google’s search and YouTube operations, you see how Google Cloud unexpectedly ends up being an extremely reputable contender.

Google Cloud does provide a similar variety of cloud services as the other vendors but also uses cloud-based abilities based on Google’s search and large data management infrastructure. If you want to take advantage of Google’s unique ability for a tough task at scale, Google Cloud is a feasible alternative.

View Now at Google.

Microsoft Azure.

Powerful IaaS with a Microsoft flavor.



Finally, we cover up our cloud hosting environments with Microsoft Azure.

The key to selecting Azure is often an existing relationship with Microsoft.

View Now at Microsoft.

Our process

So, there you go.

It’s impossible to check every hosting provider out there, simply due to the fact that there are so many. That stated, if you’re looking for some strong email hosting suggestions, we recommend you inspect out this piece:

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Excellent luck.