10 Finest Angular Application Examples

After Angular JS saw the world 11 years back, great deals of websites that were built with the assistance of this structure appeared. In this thorough evaluation, we’ll dive into Angular app examples in higher detail, search for the essential advantages and downsides of this incredible programming structure and learn why apps constructed with Angular are so popular.

flow is a lean project management application based on kanban

Angular: A Quick Definition

To make the website run efficiently, the designers use the Javascript structure. Angular JS is the JavaScript structure that was introduced by Google.

Being a simple innovation that provides tools for web application building, it likewise assists in the design and organizing the underlying code. The first version was established by Google 11 years back and became a development in the location of mobile application structure. Thanks to this option, developers from all over the world could produce simple apps simpler and faster. The more recent variation, Angular 2 hit the mobile app advancement market in2016 Its functionality enabled designers to develop numerous platforms quicker.

Why Developers Choose Angular?

Its environment permits them to create progressive web apps.

Here are the essential benefits of this innovation:

  • Better performance;-LRB- .
  • The ability to recycle codes;-LRB- .
  • Cleaner Code;-LRB- .
  • Two-way data building that decreases the development time due to the fact that there’s no requirement to compose additional code;-LRB- .
  • Dependence injection;-LRB- .
  • Regulations that make it possible for users to designate some behaviors to the File Things Model.

The Most Vivid Angular Application Examples

Angular is used by a wide variety of business. Let’s evaluate the most successful examples.


You will barely discover a user who doesn’t have a Google account today. Have you ever believed that this remarkable mailing tool was constructed on the basis of the Angular framework?

YouTube TV

This platform struck the market three years back and offers users with access to millions of videos and TELEVISION programs. This tool is also made with Angular.


It goes without stating that far-off learning is the main trend of the 21 st century. Simply put, various online courses are slowly ending up being a growing number of popular. Udacity is the most dazzling resource in this specific niche. The main page of this service is developed on the basis of Angular 4.4.4. Udacity covers a dreadful great deal of topics including information science, digital marketing, programming, online marketing and far more! Its courses remain in terrific request among those who want to study online!


It’s a superb platform where countless freelancers from all over the world discover their jobs. Put simply, it’s a place where an employer can discover a staff member at absolutely any moment. This widely known platform is also constructed with the help of this tool.


New web payment options appear on a continuous basis, but PayPal is the most popular one. It is likewise built on the basis of Angular.

The Guardian

This is another example of the platform that was established with the aid of the Angular. It’s a popular British daily paper that has roughly 300 million monthly users. More than 20 thousand images are added to this paper every day. Their grid app is working on the basis of Angular to make the procedure of adding page content much faster and easier. Its main objective is to keep and show a broad array of images content.


The brand Nike needs no intro. This company is also understood for establishing superb sport developments. Their official eCommerce site is likewise built on the Angular framework.


This tool is developed by Microsoft, the leading software development business. This tool likewise belongs to the list of Angular apps.


Being an exceptional tool for finding unique music videos, Vevo is likewise developed using Angular.


The site of the best toy manufacturing company utilizes Angular too. The business started selling online in 1996 but since that moment, their website went through a variety of modifications. Thanks to Angular, it ended up being more interactive.

This list is not full due to the fact that we named the most widely used platforms. We can see that the power of Angular is out of the question.

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