Department of Health has no target for COVIDSafe uptake

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Image: Department of Health.

On Friday, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison efficiently ransomed the lifting of coronavirus constraints on the installation base of the federal government’s COVIDSafe app.

” Well, the first step to getting back to that is downloading COVIDSafe,” Morrison said in direct reaction to being asked when Australians could return to the bar.

” Now, if that isn’t a reward for Australians to download COVIDSafe on a Friday, I do not know what is … I encourage them if they’re speaking with each other on Zoom, or they’re having a cold one later on today because environment, if they’re eagerly anticipating doing it in a bar, well, that is a requirement to even getting to that discussion.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Morrison has repeatedly mentioned that he wants to hit an install base of 40%, however, whether that is 40%of the entire population or 40%of the 16.4 million smartphones in the country, as reported by Australian Communications and Media Authority, remains an open question.

On Wednesday, Department of Health acting secretary Caroline Edwards informed the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 that the department accountable for the app was concentrated on reaching critical mass, but described the over 5 million figure of Australians currently utilizing the app as an excellent start.

” No recommendations in relation to targets,” Edwards said in reaction to questioning on whether Health had a number in mind before it would recommend that restrictions be raised.

” The more, the much better.”

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At the very same hearing, CEO of the Digital Change Company (DTA) Randall Brugeaud opened by stating 5,086,284 Australians have signed up with COVIDSafe, the government’s separate coronavirus info app has actually been downloaded 3.

The DTA likewise contracted 3 extra business in the app’s development– Boston Consulting Group, Shine Solutions Group for helpdesk assistance, and Ionize for cybersecurity assessment– but figures and terms for the individual contracts were not specified, however the overall figure for the app is presently at AU$ 1.5 million.

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Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo informed the committee his department was looking at coronavirus responses from around the world when the DTA came knocking.

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