Microsoft GNU-Hub (Part 2)

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Guest post by figosdev


Summary: “Does the GNU task have any policy about trusting Microsoft with control of important complimentary software application tasks at all?”

I n part 1 of this series, numerous parts of the GNU task were taken a look at where Microsoft might have too much potential control over crucial components. To evaluate:

1. Perl is heavily utilized by the GNU Job, consisting of by Automake. Numerous projects that require Perl were discussed in Part 1, and a number of more will be mentioned in Part 2.

2. Zlib1g is required by libpng, so we list projects that have png files (even in the documentation) as this GitHub-based library is required to save and pack png files with totally free software. If you understand of a free alternative that doesn’t require zlib1g– libpng itself is not on GitHub– let us know in the comments.



5. C Sharp code is included in WB B-tree Associative Arrays.

6. LibreJS uses the Jasmine library, which is based on GitHub– even downloads it straight from Microsoft.

7. Gitea is likewise established on GitHub, but they have had an objective of moving because 2017 at the most recent. Among the arguments for this is quotable, and is also part of the reason for this series:

” We construct Gitea so everybody can use it, even users who are banned from GitHub (after recent restriction wave from GitHub a lot of those users began using Gitea).”

” How could the GNU task potentially benefit from letting Microsoft gain control of Bison advancement?” This isn’t just about where the code is, however where the development takes place and who manages access. Relying on Microsoft with free software application advancement while they continue to money different manoeuvres versus it makes no sense. In that context, Part 2 will include some new items that someone ought discover surprising.

In Part 1, it was discussed that “Flex, lex, Yacc and Bison are all related– lex is a lexer, flex is an option, Bison is an alternative to Yacc and Bison often utilizes flex to get tokens.”

Flex is GitHub-based, but it’s not a GNU job– though GNU Automake utilizes it.

But GNU Bison has actually also transferred to GitHub– together with Mac Changer (ages ago) and GNU Radio, Bison is in fact using GitHub for advancement. The GNU git repo is only a mirror. Usually, GitHub mirrors are a mirror of something being established OFF GitHub. For Bison, it’s the other way around:

” GNU bison (git mirror)”

Most of the jobs on just have the name of the job, where it states ‘( git mirror)’. This is a mirror of akimd/bison on GitHub, where since this writing there are 3 concerns and 2 pull requests.

” Does the GNU task have any policy about trusting Microsoft with control of vital free software application tasks at all?” As of this writing, the most recent devote on is dated 2020-05-0508: 21: 12 0200 and also from akimd, who the GNU Savannah page states is the project admin.

Why would they do this? How could the GNU task possibly gain from letting Microsoft gain control of Bison development? Akimd (not his full name, just his user) has 29 repos on GitHub, most of which are forks of other widely known GitHub projects. This is far from a favorable relocation for GNU. It would be great if this was the only brand-new GNU job that was found on GitHub, though it’s not.

While Cd Input and Control Library (better referred to as libcdio– as in libcdio-paranoia, not to be confused with cpio which is utilized to make archives and initrd images) seems to be still be based on Savannah, libcdio-paranoia (which is likewise offered for download from is being established on GitHub by the very same individual who preserves it for the GNU project. And he has 113 repositories there.

Does the GNU project have any policy about trusting Microsoft with control of vital free software tasks at all? If they do, it isn’t being implemented in the mailing lists. Without more than a moment’s effort, this GNU newsletter discussion from as just recently as last October was found, where prospective GNU factors are being motivated to utilize GitHub:

” I suggest keeping your own fork of the repository someplace, e.g. on Github.

This isn’t to advise the author for not following a guideline that doesn’t exist, but to highlight the more-than-hypothetical danger that the GNU project deals with from projects moving from GNU’s own hosting to Microsoft’s.

The GNU job might need to produce a policy– so it’s a horrible shame that the FSF are currently without genuine, strong or non-corrupt leadership. What a time for that, eh?

Those are the huge stories, here are other findings that while they might have small issues individually, might add to a bigger image concern overall:

Liquid War is a mix of Perl, Python and png files. The latter are for the program, instead of documents.

LibreDWG seems to require Perl, Python support could be optional.

Kawa and Java Training Wheels have png files in the docs, iGNUit utilizes png for icons and assistance.

Idutils– Perl is optional?

Gnash uses Python, Perl in tests and png in/ doc. Guile utilizes png in doc, libffi and flex, all of which are based in part on GitHub.

Gforth uses libfii, what’s compromised if ffcall or fflib is utilized rather? Gnowsys utilizes lots of Python.

GCompris is interesting.

Findutils have Python in tests, freefont has Python in tools, Articulatory Speech Synthesis has Perl and Python, Autoconf has a Perl module, Autogen, cppi and classpath use Perl, Ball and Paddle has png in levels, ACM is Perl, so is the GNU Image Finding Tool.

” … Gitea devs at least appears to understand the significance of migration– hopefully they will be done moving far from GitHub in the future.” DDD and Denemo have png files in the program, Electric VLSI Style System and BPEL2oWFN have png in the docs, Bayonne and ERC have Perl, C-Graph has png in the docs and cgicc has png in the demonstrations.

Emacs utilizes Perl in the tests and/ doc, Debian compiles it with png assistance, so even their “nox” variation of emacs requires zlib1g from GitHub.

In part 3, we may get to tallying some data.

Long live rms, and happy hacking.

Licence: Creative Commons CC0 1.0(public domain)


* If this article uses a parody of the GitHub logo design based upon the GNU head, I likely utilized this one from Wikipedia


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