Software Development Isn’t Social (Control) Media

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Software Development Isn’t Social (Control) Media

Posted in Free/Libre Software Application, FSF, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 11: 05 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

” I’m the last survivor of a dead culture. And I do not truly belong worldwide anymore. And in some methods I feel I should be dead. […] In regards to effect on the world, it’s great that I have actually lived. And so I guess, if I might return in time and prevent my birth, I wouldn’t do it. However I sure want I hadn’t had so much discomfort.”

Richard Stallman

Summary: We’re concerning a point now where monopolies are dictating to Free software developers the method they code and act; the trouble is, if we work/operate based upon the guidelines of monopolies, we’ll never ever be successful in making these monopolies outdated and never ever liberate/unshackle ourselves from them

T HE FSF belatedly reacted to the GitHub threat numerous months ago. A lot of us had gotten in touch with Richard Stallman and months later on the FSF said it would improve its development structure to make it more like social control media (we presume with Gitlab as base/template).

Microsoft shrewdly prevented antitrust scrutiny when it purchased GitHub (fiction like “Microsoft likes Linux” assisted), making use of the ‘network result’ to obtain a monopoly it might never ever develop with CodePlex (not even remotely). Heck, last month I discovered that my GitHub account that I erased 2 years back is still there and still publicly noted

After pushing RMS out (let’s face it, they put amazing pressure to trigger him to resign; it wasn’t wilful) the FSF started resorting to wordplay of the ‘hipster’ types, not the hacker types. I personally preferred the messaging of the RMS days; nothing wrong with some abrasive words when specific business very much deserve it. So it’s more or less anticipated that now they desire something “social” and began pursuing “mobile-friendly” design for the FSF site (as if “wise” phone ownership isn’t a regressive development; in China they enforce aggressive malware on those, presenting it in particular “hot” regions first).

I myself have actually established software application given that I was15 If you can not compose decent code, then no amount of “social” and “likes” (or GitHub “stars”) will compensate for it. Any appeal contest need to be based on unbiased benefit, not “click farming …”

Of course the FSF is complimentary (as in liberty) to do as it pleases; but many people out there think that the FSF should educate the general public instead of be ‘educated’ (or lectured) by the public into a “mobile-friendly” (i.e. crap, very little, doing not have navigation choices and still very bloated) style, a “social” advancement framework and so on.

Here in this site we still utilize a theme from 2006; it deals with practically all devices made in the previous 1.5 decades, it’s relatively light (you do not need to download fonts to simply render a single page) and it’s backward suitable in a lot of methods. Pages still look the like they did 13 years ago (sans banner modifications at the top).

The hacker movement will die if we’re caused making a lot of concessions that we become what we fought. And even taking money from what we’re expected to change.

” Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they certainly are today …”

Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Thinker, globally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

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