Tailoring my open source PHP framework for web development

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PHP Codeigniter is an open source structure supplying service applications with the easy-to-use PHP programming language and powerful tools for coding. It likewise offers business intelligence, server monitoring, development, and application integration centers. It’s a reasonably quiet project that you do not hear much about, but it’s got a lot going all out that many designers brand-new to it discover unexpected and rejuvenating.

I utilize Codeigniter at my job working for an online tuition company in Singapore. We provide services that aren’t typical enough to be the default feature set for templates or existing back-ends, so I require something that supplies great, strong, basic materials I can build upon. I was thinking about other platforms such as WordPress for our website; nevertheless, I got here at Codeigniter due to its flexibility and combination of functions needed in the tuition-matching process.

Here are the points that offered me on Codeigniter:

  • Database integration with MySQL– A major functionality is permitting customers to browse the tutor database and include tutors like a “shopping cart” similar to an e-commerce platform.
  • Customer interface system– Users can visit to handle preferences and edit their particulars, modify subject taught, locations took a trip, mobile number, address, etc.
  • Customized administrator panel– The administrator can access the customer’s submission with a tailored admin panel, which is incorporated with a client service function so the administrator can follow up individually.
  • Payment system– The admin panel includes a billing and payments gateway, which is incorporated with Paypal.
  • CMS editor user interface– The administrator is able to edit text and images in the blog and subject pages, along with add new pages.

The task took around 6 months to finish and another 2 months of debugging work. If I ‘d had to construct all of it from scratch or attempt to revamp an existing structure to fit our requirements, it would have taken longer, and I most likely wouldn’t have actually ended up with what I required for the needs of our customers.

Features and advantages

There are many more functions that draw developers to PHP Codeigniter, including mistake handling and code format, which are useful in every coding circumstance. It supports design templates, which can be utilized to include performance to an existing website or to generate brand-new ones. There are lots of features offered for a business that requires to use a web-based system, including the capability to use custom-made tags. Most can be utilized by even an average designer who does not have any previous experience in shows.

The essential features of Codeigniter are:

  • XML core services,
  • HTTP/FTP core services
  • AppData and PHP sandbox features
  • XSLT and HTML templates
  • Encrypted information transfer
  • PCM Codeigniter server tracking
  • Application combination
  • Submit Transfer Procedure (FTP)
  • Assistance desk support
  • Apache POI (content management facilities utilized for hosting a website)


Codeigniter is compatible with lots of leading software application applications like PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, phpMyAdmin, Apache, OpenBSD, XSLT, SQLite, and more. If you’re not comfy producing your own site, you can discover many designers and style agencies that offer custom web advancement services.


Codeigniter also provides data security through SSL file encryption. The encryption safeguards the data from external threats such as intruders and firewalls. The information storage facility likewise allows for security audits of the business’s website.

Other functions

An excellent PHP web development company utilizes numerous advanced and third-party technologies such as XML and PHP. Codeigniter makes it easy to utilize third party technology, and works with common web development software application. Most PHP designers offer support and training services for individuals.

Utilizing PHP structure Codeigniter

Codeigniter enables organisations to have a complete bundle for PHP development that will use the ideal combination of power, versatility, and efficiency. I look forward to discovering what else I can do with our website utilizing Codeigniter.

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