Top 5 Cloud Testing Tools For 2020

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Cloud testing tools play a crucial role in software testing. The best thing about any cloud-based testing tool is that it requires zero initial setup time as everything is pre-configured. Various cloud-based software testing tools are accessible for both SMEs and big giant businesses with varied pricing structures. 

Cloud-based testing tools mainly reduce the time-to-market to a huge extent. It offers various perks like efficient testing, increased collaboration, the easy building of testing infrastructure, and real-time reports, which improves the rate of the development and testing process.

Let’s explore the list of top cloud testing tools for 2020:

1.    LoadStorm


LoadStorm is a highly used best cloud-based testing tool, which is used for testing several web and mobile apps. It is a cost-effective software testing tool, which can be used to simulate several testing scenarios. LoadStorm will be easy to record the scripts and you will get great scripting control. It performs a thorough analysis.

2.    SOASTA CloudTest

 SOASTA CloudTest

It is one of the finest cloud-based testing tools, which offers a variety of functionalities like mobile and web performance testing, web, and mobile functional testing. SOASTA CloudTest can work by hosting one or more physical servers. With real-time analytics and seamless integration, this cloud-based tool maintains the top position in the list. CloudTest Lite is free that comes with restricted features.

3.    App Thwack

 App Thwack

It can test Android, iOS, and web apps with the highest accuracy and precision. UI Automation, Robotium, Calabash, – these are a few automation platforms with which we can attune this cloud tool. Other major features of the app thwack tool comprise customizable testing, multi-platform support, and detailed test reports. It provides built-in test frameworks and you don’t need to write and manage the test scripts.

4.    BlazeMeter


This is a cloud-based software testing tool that allows the end to end performance testing. BlazeMeter can simulate a bulk number of test cases. To be specific, 1 million users can be simulated with this cloud test tool. It also facilitates realistic load testing and performance test combined with real-time reporting. It will give complete shift-left testing and can easily work with UI, CLIs, open-source tools, APIs, etc.

5.    AppPerfect


This cloud-based software testing tool can easily perform cloud security testing, cloud-hosted testing, and cloud load testing. AppPerfect is a cloud testing framework that will help you with testing web apps on distinct combinations of hardware, browsers, and operating systems. It provides cloud testing which is on-demand, fully managed, and scalable. It can design and record test script, setting up test execution over cloud environs, giving comprehensive reporting, offering to view and export test results, etc.

Today, cloud computing has benefited various enterprises by reducing costs and enabling a focus on one’s core business competency. These 5 best cloud testing tools are remarkably prominent as they don’t require a staggering expense framework and are cost-effective.


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