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codeable WordPress pricing debunked: how much does a WordPress website and an e-commerce cost? WordPress market share as of April 2016 #1 26.4% 60M WordPress is used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web WordPress is Open Source and free to download You can dowload it for free at https://wordpress.org/download/ 24 Costs breakdown for a WordPress business website (6 pages + a blog page)PLANNING STAGE COPYWRITING DESIGN THEME DEVELOPMENT 4 PEOPLE INVOLVED 1 PERSON INVOLVED 1 PERSON INVOLVED 1 PERSON INVOLVED designer, copywriter, UX designer and developer Total cost: Total cost: Total cost: Total cost: $9,600 $4,800 $4,800 $7,200 for 3 weeks full time for roughly a 2 weeks full time work. for a 1 week full for roughly a 2 weeks time work. full time work. work. Grand total: $26,400 Bought an off-the-shelf theme? (ThemeForest, Mojo Themes, TemplateMonster, etc.) YOU WOULD STILL NEED: DESIGNING MATERIALS COPYWRITING THEME IMPLEMENTATION (logo, photos, color palettes, etc.): 1 PERSON INVOLVED 1 PERSON INVOLVED 1 PERSON INVOLVED Total cost: Total cost: Total cost: $2,400 $4,800 $2,400 for roughly a 1 for roughly a 2 weeks full time for roughly a 1 week full time work. week full time work. 24 Grand total: $9,600 Did you know…? WordPress themes available on marketplaces, usually sold for $30-$100, can cost up to $50K to those who developed them? That’s why they need to sell thousands of them at low prices. WOO What if You need an online store? WooCommerce market share as of May 2016 37% 19% WooCommerce is adopted by 37% of the entire web And by 19% of top millions websites WooCommerce is an Open Source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can dowload it for free at https://www.woothemes.com/woocommercel Building a WooCommerce shop 29 369 Themes extensions There are 369 available There are 29 available themes, both free and premium themes starting at $39 extensions, priced from $0 up to $249 Elements that pile up for the final cost of an e-commerce Reliable and scalable hosting 3rd-party fees (like PayPal) UX Planning Visual Design Copywriting Development and Documentation SSL certificate Imagery Domain Testing Can you do all by yourself YES NO Total cost: -$1.000 for a good hosting company, a paid SSL certificate, a premium theme, as well as some paid extensions.. A typical budget for a small to medium WooCommerce custom eCommerce project would be between $5,000 $20,000 24 24 Grand total: Grand total: ~$1,000 $5,000 – $20,000 Don’t forget to account for maintenance costs As rule of thumb, consider something in between the 3% to 10% of the revenue generated by the e-commerce the costs provided are based on a $60 hourly rate tier for each involved person, which is how much we averagely charge here at Codeable. References: http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/jcolao/2012/09/05/the-internets-mother-tongue/ http://trends.builtwith.com/ http://prospress.com/cost-of-setting-up-an-online-store/ http://www.commercegurus.com/2015/01/25/much-ecommerce-website-cost/ http://www.kriesi.at/archives/wordpress-website-cost https://www.woothemes.com/2013/09/why-we-often-price-e-commerce-projects-wrong/ https://codeable.io/blog %24

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